Zip 2.6 Release Notes

    Zip 2.6 Release Notes 


    This Zip update is scheduled for production release in November 2021, which includes the following feature updates and enhancements. The actual feature updates and enhancements may be subject to change based on testing, development, and other factors that occur before the release date.  

    New Features 

    Zip Borrower Interview 

    • Added the ability to autocomplete address fields, by implementing the Google Autocomplete Address API into the Zip loan interview. 

    • Added the Country field to the current/previous address fields. 

    Zip Admin site 

    • Added new features to the Edit Emails screen. 

    • New Send Sample button, which allows users send test emails to the address of their choosing.  

    • This feature comes in handy after the user edits an email template and wants to do a test run. 

    • New the Set Back to Default button, which allows the user to set email templates back to their original contents provided by Zip. 

    • Enhanced the Edit Email Notifications section, by consolidating all the individual email notification templates (all of which used to be displayed on the screen) into a dropdown list. The user selects the template to edit from the dropdown list, freeing up room on the screen. 

    General Updates and Enhancements  

    Borrower Dashboard  

    • Enhanced the borrower dashboard. 

    • Added a section that summarizes borrower information, such as loan purpose and borrower name (only for users that are integrated with Path). 

    • Items that are due are featured more prominently. 

    • eSign items and documents are separated by different labels, so the user can easily identify which is which. 

    • Added a popup that appears after the borrower log in, which notifies the borrower about items the loan officers asked for and haven’t received yet. 

    • Updated the Outstanding section to To Do. 

    • Updated the Loan Process section to Status. 

    Zip Admin Site 

    • Updated the Billing Statement Report screen by adding the billing cycle information. 

    • Added Start Date and End Date for each billing item. 

    • Added the ability to preview the next month’s projected statement, via new Next Month’s Project Statement radio button. 


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