Zip 2.4 Release Notes

           Zip 2.4 Release Notes                                

    This Zip update is scheduled for production release in May 2021, which includes the following feature updates and enhancements. The actual feature updates and enhancements may be subject to change based on testing, development, and other factors that occur before the release date.

    New Features

    Borrower Interview

    • Added new graphic UI for the landing page of borrower interview portal.
      • Users can select between displaying the new UI or old UI, via the Banners and Colors screen on the Zip Admin site.
    • Added the ability for borrowers to share contact information with loan officers, without the need to complete the loan interview, via new checkbox on the Contact page at the beginning of the loan interview.
      • When the borrower selects this checkbox and clicks the Next button, Zip automatically sends the borrower’s contact information to the LO via notification email.
      • LO users can also disable this feature via the Zip Admin site.
    • Added the option for borrowers to save the loan interview, before finishing it, and continue/finish later.

    General Updates and Enhancements

    Borrower Interview

    • Enhanced the Suffix field by changing it to a dropdown menu where users can select amongst Jr, Sr, I, II, II, IV, V, and VI.
    • Enhanced the question tree for HELOC and Second Mortgage loans, with options that specify whether the borrower has no mortgage and wants a HELOC loan, or the borrower wants a second mortgage to get a HELOC loan.


    • Enhanced security for eSign by adding an extra login step to download documents.

    Zip Admin Site

    • Enhanced the loan officer’s contact information by adding Title and Cell Number fields to the Edit Users dialog box.
    • Enhanced security by changing the default setting from text to email for 2-factor authentication for Admin users.
    • Enhanced the configuration of loan interviews by allowing Zip Admin site users to hide questions/options unrelated to the loan purpose, based borrower input.
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