Path Patch Release Notes

    This Path patch release is scheduled for production release on August 1st, 2021, including the following feature updates and enhancements. The actual feature updates and enhancements may be subject to change based on testing, development, and other factors that occur before the release date.

    General Updates and Enhancements

    Loan and User

    • Updated the Product & Pricing screen by adding the Down Payment Assistance Program checkbox to the Additional Product Information section.
    • Updated the logic for Monthly Escrow Payment on page 4 of the Closing Disclosure.
    • Updated the Aggregate Adjustment to calculate correctly on the Escrows tab (Closing Costs screen).
    • In the Calculating Cash to Close section, the Change column is updated to display the correct Deposit status, on the Closing Disclosure tab (Closing Costs screen).
    • Enhanced the importing of files by expanding support for importing MISMO 3.4 files from third party vendors.
    • In the undocked Documents popup window, the Select a Condition lightbox is now working correctly for Conditional Loan Approval forms.
    • Updated the Qualifying Payment (P&I) to be calculated based on the Qualifying Rate instead of Note Rate for Interest Only loans, on the Loan Transmittal screen.
      • For this update, the Interest Only radio button is changed to a checkbox.
    • The Anticipated Sell Price on the Pricing Review screen matches its counterpart on the Confirm screen.
    • Title-only borrowers are filtered out of the FraudGuard report.
    • A coborrower’s commission income and all other additional income are now mapping correctly to the Loan Transmittal screen and form.


    • Updated the USDA form RD 3555-21 to Rev. 03-21.
    • Updated the Closing Disclosure form by allowing more than three adjustments to be printed in the K. Due from Borrower at Closing/Adjustments section (page 3).
      • Also added the Summaries of Transaction Addendum form to print additional adjustments that could not fit the Closing Disclosure form.
    • Title-only borrowers are no longer printed on the Conditional Loan Approval (CF-CLANABBR) form.
    • Updated the Loan Estimate – Payoffs and Adjustments form, where Payoffs and Payments are mapped from the Liabilities section on the Borrower screen, and Adjustments and Other Credits are mapped from the Adjustments and Other Credits lightbox on the Loan Estimate tab.
      • As a result, this form is printing correctly now.


    • To support Mortech pricing integration, the Lock Desk User ID and Pricing ID fields are increased to 100 characters each, on a user’s Profile tab.


    • Reduced latency for Desktop Originator, Desktop Underwriter, and Loan Product Advisor.


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