May 2021 Service Release Pack

    Path Service Pack Release Notes (Preliminary)


    This Path service pack is scheduled for production release on May 2nd, 2021, including the following feature updates and enhancements. The actual feature updates and enhancements may be subject to change based on testing, development, and other factors that occur before the release date.

    New Features

    • Added the ability to import ULAD Fannie and ULAD Freddie MISMO 3.4 files.
      • All editable fields that are supported by ULAD MISMO are also supported on the Borrower and Property screens.

    General Updates and Enhancements

    • Enhanced the Payoff Amount field in the Liabilities lightbox to allow for 11 digits (14 characters total, including commas and the decimal point).
    • The Subject Property Cash Flow field is displaying the correct value on the Property and Loan Transmittal screens.
    • Property Taxes are mapping correctly to document vendors.
    • Property Taxes from the Transactions screen are mapping correctly to the Closing Costs Fees tab.
    • Other Liabilities and Expenses are importing correctly to the Borrower screen.
    • Social Security numbers are not required for title-only borrowers for Desktop Originator and Underwriter submissions.


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