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    How To Update Your Profile Information


    You can update your profile, change your password, specify or change a recovery question and answer (if required), and verify license information through the Profile lightbox. Your profile was created during the initial user configuration by the system administrator.


    To update your profile information:

    • Log in to Path. The opening page you see will usually be the Pipeline view of your default role.
    • Click your name in the header, highlighted in red in the above screenshot. The Profile lightbox appears.

    Read the complete tips & tricks here.



    Path Portal Reminder


    A friendly reminder if you haven’t already, please sign up for the Path Portal. The Path Portal provides you 24/7 access to Path resources in one centralized location. Signing up is quick and easy and only takes a few moments.


        Sign up today – here’s how:

    • Go to the Path Portal here
    • Click the “Sign Up” button under “Not a member yet?”






    To help increase homeownership opportunities for borrowers, Fannie Mae is enhancing DU to consider a borrower’s positive rent payment history in the credit risk assessment.


    Beginning the weekend of September 18th, when the borrower is currently paying rent of $300 or more, and a 12-month Verification of Asset (VOA) report is obtained by the lender, DU will attempt to identify recurring rent payment transactions within the VOA report for use in the credit risk assessment.


    - Fannie Mae DU/DO Release Notes 8/11/2021



    What's New?

    Path Release Updates


    The Path Hotfix was released on August 29, 2021, which included the following feature updates and enhancements.

    General Updates and Enhancements

    • Updated the Additional Product Information section on the Product & Pricing screen, by adding the Down Payment Assistance Program checkbox and additional fields for entering related information such as the percentage of the principal that is forgiven and how often this occurs.
    • Added the ability to upload and view password-protected PDF documents.
      • For certain documents, depending on their security configuration, edits can be made (same as a regular PDF document without password protection).
      • If Adobe PDF Reader requires a password to view the document, then that password will also be required to view the document in Path.
    • Updated the logic for the Disclose CD button on the Closing Disclosure screen.
      • If this button is clicked before the Date Issued and Delivery Method fields are completed, an error message appears instructing the user to complete these fields before continuing.
    • Updated the calculation of the Anticipated Sell Price, which is now calculating correctly.
    • The Amortization Schedule form is now correctly printing the MI, Balance, and APR.
    • Updated the Lock Date calculation.
      • The QM report APOR calculation is driven by the Lock Date on the Lock Confirm screen. For proper APOR calculation, the Lock Date is a required field.
      • This update takes effect on September 1, 2021.


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