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    Issue 10  •  March 2022

    Compliance Update

    The Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) has changed its password requirements as of March 19 to provide additional security. New passwords must be between 20-64 characters and have at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter. Embedded spaces are permitted but leading and trailing spaces are not. New passwords created on or after March 19 will be valid for one year and old passwords will not change until their expiration date.

    Upcoming Conferences

    Catch the Path team at these upcoming conferences:

    MBA Tech

    MBA Tech •  April 11 – 14

    To schedule a meeting at MBA Tech please contact Jeff Davis.


    TMBA Annual • April 24 – 26

    To schedule a meeting at TMBA Annual, please contact Janice Smith.

    Path on PC

    Path Release Preview

    The latest Path release is scheduled to go live on April 3rd – Please note that the release date has changed from March 27th to April 3rd.

    Here is a sneak peek at some updates and enhancements you can expect to see in your Path software:

    Loan and User

    • Added a new Quote screen where all essential data is collected to help the loan Officer make a quick determination regarding if the mortgage lead qualifies for a loan program offered by the lender.
    • Added the Index Date field to the Data Adjustments section on the Products and Pricing screen
    • Added new functionality to eSign, which allows third parties to electronically sign documents
    • Added the piggyback loan functionality that is used for scenarios where the first loan and the simultaneous subordinate lien loan have the same borrowers.

    Click here to download the complete release notes.

    Tips & Tricks

    How to Use Your Path Dashboard

    The dashboard buttonPath Dashboard Button gives you a bird’s eye view of all the loans listed in your Pipeline.

    Path Pipeline

    When you click the dashboard button the dashboard expands and lists all the loans that belong to different categories.

    Path Dashboard Categories

    To show loans belonging to one category, click the category. In the example below, the Refinance loans are shown.

    Path Refinance

    Calyx Software  I

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