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    December Hot Fix Release

    Earlier this month we announced several updates and enhancements to your Path technology in our latest Service Pack and Hot Fix Release. At the initial launch there were a few bugs in certain areas, specifically:

    • Documents / Preview section – User receives error message if form count exceeds a certain number
    • Non-signature required form needed to include Middle name and suffix

    These issues have been resolved.

    Upcoming Conferences

    January 24-27 – Nashville, TN

    MBA Independent Mortgage Banker’s Conference

    Compliance Update

    The deadline to conform to the clean version of the F4506C has been extended by the IRS from January 1, 2022, to March 1, 2022. Clean version requirements include:

    • Clear of any editing marks
    • Only identify the transcripts, tax years, and/or taxpayers that need to be processed
    • List the data on the assigned lines 

    Tips & Tricks

    Adding the “MySign” Button to the Document Details Screen

    The MySign button in the Document Details screen is used to place the user’s signature anywhere within a document. In order to use this feature, the user must first upload the image of the signature in the Configuration section. The signature images must be a GIF, PNG or JPG and the size must be smaller than 55KB


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